Rethinking Hell Conference

“death & mortality: engaging the culture”

“death & mortality: engaging the culture”

–Rethinking Hell CONFERENCE 2021–


The eighth annual, international Rethinking Hell conference will be held on
December 30-31, 2021, and will be exclusively held online!

If you purchase a ticket you will have ongoing access to the talks, in case you can’t watch them during the conference schedule (from 11am CST both days). 

This year, the theme of the conference is

“Death & Mortality: Engaging the Culture”

Lately it seems that the world is changing. Fast. Space tourism has begun. Social media has become more influential and controversial than ever.  Cryptocurrencies are proliferating. A pandemic has changed the way we live and work, raising questions about truth, freedom, and the common good. Many are concerned with things like racial injustice, climate change–or what’s on Netflix, or the latest TikTok trend.

How can Christians engage the cultural moment?

Specifically, are Christians messages about the afterlife–heaven and hell–even considered relevant anymore? How do we speak into the cultural context with clarity and effectiveness? Can the topics of death and mortality assist, and can Conditional Immortality succeed in this project where other views might fail?

Our Speakers

Our speakers this year are: J. Richard Middleton, Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis at Northeastern Seminary, Jeff Cook, author and philosophy lecturer at University of Northern Colorado, Christopher M. Date, Editor of Rethinking Hell and A Consuming PassionJ. Webb Mealy, author of The End of the Unrepentant, Braxton Hunter, president of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, Dan Paterson of Questioning Christianity, and pastor and cultural commentator Paul VanderKlay!

J. Richard Middleton

J. Richard Middleton

Northeastern Seminary

Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis at Northeastern Seminary, author of A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology

Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook

Author & Pastor

Lectures in philosophy at University of Northern Colorado, author of Everything New: Reimagining Heaven and Hell


Chris Date

Rethinking Hell

Public face of Rethinking Hell and Editor of Rethinking Hell and A Consuming Passion

J. Webb Mealy

J. Webb Mealy

Bible Scholar

Author of author of The End of the Unrepentant: A Study of the Biblical Themes of Fire and Being Consumed


Braxton Hunter

Trinity College

President of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary

Dan Paterson

Dan Paterson

Questioning Christianity

Cultural apologist at
Questioning Christianity

Paul VanderKlay

Paul VanderKlay

Pastor & Commentator

Pastor of Living Stones CRC in Sacramento and “Meaning Crisis” Cultural Commentator


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